My Health Journey

I was always a bigger girl growing up. I have never been skinny or lean. I’ve always had a belly of some kind, big calves, big thighs, fat arms, and a double chin. Since high school I’ve battled Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), which is a hormonal issue that has caused a plethora of problems for me including irregular periods, hirsutism (excess body hair), high blood pressure, hair loss, high blood sugar, insulin regulation problems, high triglycerides, excess weight, trouble losing weight, depression, anxiety, skin issues, and migraines. The excess weight lead to a herniated disc in my lower back and degenerative disc disease. I deal with chronic back pain and body inflammation on a daily basis.

Suffice to say that life has not been easy when it comes to my health. I have tried dieting off and on for years, only to gain back what I lost and more. At my heaviest I weighed nearly 250 pounds and was wearing a size 20/22 pants and XL/XXL shirts. I was not happy and needed a real change.

Since then I’ve been on the health wagon and off the health wagon multiple times, because let’s face it—life is hard and how we handle it affects our health in more than one way. There were periods of time where I was exercising regularly, reducing my sugar intake, and eating whole foods. Then there were periods where I ate more sugar, more processed food, and exercised less. I hated the stop and start of “dieting” and I wanted something that would allow me to make a lifestyle change where I could incorporate healthy habits over time and create a routine that was easy to follow.

Now is the part where I tell you that I found that something and it was miraculous and I’m now at my goal weight with pictures to prove it. But here’s the thing—I’m still not there. I still struggle on a daily basis with creating a routine that I can stick to all or most of the time. I am faced with the mental struggle of saying “no” to the sugary treats at my office, I sometimes eat gluten even though I know it makes my body inflammation flare up, and when I am on my period the sugar dragon rares its ugly head and I eat way too much sugar and chocolate. And that’s okay–no one is perfect.

The difference between now and then is that I have a lot more knowledge about health and nutrition to better guide me on this journey. And I will continue to learn and grow and try new things that I can apply to my life. I now aim for progress, not perfection.

I will share that knowledge here along with the tips and tricks I have learned along the way and will continue to learn for three reasons:
1. To keep myself more accountable on this journey
2. To inspire and educate others who may be struggling with health issues
3. To establish credibility and an audience in the health community as I work toward becoming a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Holistic Nutritionist

I look forward to sharing with you all the amazing things about how to live a healthy lifestyle!



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