Bacon, Avocado, & Tomato Lettuce Wraps


If you are a fan of the all-American BLT and any variation of it then you will love this recipe, especially if you are looking to cut carbs, refined flour, and/or gluten out of your diet.

This is super simple and the variations you can make of this are endless! Take your avocado out and make a dipping sauce out of it, add onions or some turkey, or jazz up your mayo with fresh herbs and garlic. You can even shred up that lettuce, add some spinach, crumble your bacon, dice up your tomatoes, and make a mayo and avocado salad dressing for a delicious salad.

Let this recipe (and all recipes for that matter) be a guideline or template to how you make your dish. Recipes should inspire you to be creative and to make eating more fun and enjoyable!

6 pieces of good, quality bacon (Hempler’s is my favorite)
2-3 large leaves of butter, bibb, leaf, or romaine lettuce
Sliced tomatoes
1/2 ripe avocado
Homemade mayo (I use this recipe from the Whole Smiths)
Fresh cracked black pepper

Cook your bacon how you like it. If having your house smell like bacon for the rest of the day is not your jam, try cooking it low and slow on the BBQ!

Rinse your lettuce and pat dry.

Slice your tomatoes and avocados.

Load your lettuce leaves with all the goodies, drizzle (or in my case dollop) that delicious homemade mayo, and finish with some fresh cracked black pepper.

Grab a napkin or ten and enjoy!


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