Eating Healthy on Vacation

Photo from Anonymous 

Vacation season is upon us. Whether you are headed to the beach, on a backpacking trip out of the country, on a road trip, or headed to Disneyland with the kids you are going to be tempted to eat things that maybe you normally wouldn’t.

The first thing you need to do is decide if you are going to commit to continue eating healthy on your trip like you currently are, or if you will allow yourself to indulge in every food opportunity that presents itself. Or perhaps you’ll do something in between–continue to eat well and choose to only indulge in really awesome food that you know will be worth it.

Whatever your answer is, stick with it and be prepared. And if you don’t stick with it, don’t feel guilty about your choices.

If you are planning on letting loose and not giving a flying rip about what you eat you’ll need to be prepared with how you may feel after. You should definitely not feel guilty about anything that you eat. So if you are considering eating whatever you want (even if you know it will make you feel sluggish, make your body inflamed, or give you a headache) just be ready for the feelings and emotions that may come as a result. You are going on vacation after all, it should be enjoyable!

Committing to staying on your healthy eating plan while on vacation is great, but it does take a bit of preparation. Taking some easy-to-make snacks and meals or hitting up a grocery store to stock up on quick, healthy snacks is a great way to be prepared. Do some research of natural stores near where you are headed and check out the menus of local restaurants that you may go to. You can even check our walking or hiking trails or see if your hotel has a gym or pool in it. Planning ahead and having a game plan about where and what you eat and do is a great way to be prepared and stay on track.

If you’re considering doing something in between, that is okay too. You can still plan ahead for healthy snacks and meals but know that you also plan to eat that decadent dessert at the restaurant, chow down on corndogs and elephant ears with your kids, or drink Mai Tais by the pool all day.

Whatever your plan this vacation season, have fun and don’t let decisions about your food and exercise stress you out. Make the decision to do or not do something and let it be–don’t let it make you feel guilty, ashamed, stressed, and definitely do not let it negatively affect your vacation or your life when you return back home!


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