Love Your Body

How many people do you know that can say they actually LOVE their body? Probably not many huh? That’s because we live in a country that shames people for not looking like the stick-thin, busty Victoria’s Secret models seen on TV or the chiseled, perfectly proportioned male models we see in magazines. We live in a country where we are ridiculed for being different from one another, when we really should be embracing the uniqueness of each individual. After all, if we were all the same how incredibly boring would that be?

It’s that time of year where mainstream media and everyone and their mother are talking about “bikini bodies” and “ready-for-the-beach bodies.” What is that exactly? If you are thin, with no fat rolls, cellulite, or stretch marks then you can wear a swimsuit? A bikini or one-piece?

Newsflash people. The best way to get that “bikini body” is to put a freakin’ bikini on your body. Want your body ready for the beach? Just take it there and wear whatever the hell you want. We should not be ashamed or feel guilty about what we wear or how we look in it, because we all should be loving our bodies regardless of their size or characteristics.

Got stretch marks? Wear a bikini. Got back fat and fat rolls without sitting down? Wear a bikini. People’s opinion of us is NOT a reflection of us, it is a reflection of them. If someone has a problem with how you look in a bikini, swimsuit, or any clothing for that matter here is a simple solution–they can just look somewhere else or get the hell over it.

I bought a bikini for this summer. Actually I bought three because they were on sale and I can mix and match. But my favorite is this one.img_1750img_1749I feel totally comfortable and sexy in it, and I don’t give a shit that you can see my big belly, stretch marks, cellulite, or the scars from my gallbladder surgery. I look and feel beautiful in it, and what I think is all that matters. Plus my tan lines are on point!

If you are looking for inspiration about loving your body and accepting others for theirs you should definitely check out my friend Daniele’s book, Happy Weight. In fact, I submitted my swimsuit photo to her #HappyWeight Challenge on Instagram, and I am proud as hell to show off my body. I am learning to love it more every day, and I am so excited for what the future holds.

So ladies (and gents), you don’t have to “have it” just to flaunt it. Show the world you’re proud of your body, regardless of its shape, size, or color!


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