Recipe: Greens, Eggs, & Bacon

We've all heard about green eggs and ham from the beloved Dr. Seuss, and I'm always looking for ways to eat eggs differently than just in a scramble. Thanks to the delicious recipe I discovered, I've been eating my greens in salads in a new way--dressing them with Braggs cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil and/or … Continue reading Recipe: Greens, Eggs, & Bacon


Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Program

The Nutritional Therapy Practitioner program I'm enrolled in is starting in about six weeks...eek! I am beyond excited to start this new journey. I've been waiting what feels like forever to find something that I enjoy, that empowers and inspires me to be the best version of myself, and that also allows me to help … Continue reading Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Program

Eating Well When Others Around You Don’t

Photo Credit I'm not going to lie--making the change to improve your health by eating real, whole foods can be a struggle. For some people it takes a lot of courage, motivation, and preparation to make this change, and having to be around others who continue to eat sugar- and fat-laden processed foods that we … Continue reading Eating Well When Others Around You Don’t