doTerra Essential Oils


I am also a doTerra Wellness Advocate! Check out my website here!

I am learning all about how essential oils can be a powerful alternative healing remedy. The uses for all the different kinds are ENDLESS, and I’m absolutely loving it!

I chose to work with doTerra Essential Oils because they are Certified Therapeutic Grade, which means that there are no added fillers, synthetic ingredients, or harmful ingredients that would reduce their efficacy.

The company also work with several different non-profit organizations, and they purposely choose to source their oils from specific locations where they can help make a positive economic impact.

Mostly, the oils are just plain awesome. Here’s what I use on a regular basis:

Breathe–in the diffuser and topically under my nose, on my chest, and on my feet when I’m having cold symptoms or allergy problems

Clary Calm–topically on my tummy for hormonal imbalance and mood swings

Deep Blue–I use both the oil and the lotion topically for sore, achy muscles and tension in my neck and shoulders

DigestZen–internally on my tongue for tummy and digestion problems; topically on my tummy for tummy and digestion problems

Eucalyptus–in my diffuser, topically under my nose, or a drop added to my bath to help with congestion and for a calming aroma

Frankincense–in my skin healing roller blend to help with skin repair; in my facial oil cleansing roller blend for skin benefits

Lavender–in my diffuser to help with stress and going to sleep; on my wool balls for my dryer which makes my clothes smell AMAZING without synthetic perfumes, fragrances, and chemicals; in my facial oil cleansing roller blend for smelly goodness

Lemon–in my water to aid with digestion; mixed with water and white vinegar for a simple, natural cleaning spray; in the diffuser while I’m cleaning house to give it that nice fresh, clean smell

Lemongrass–in my diffuser for a clean, refreshing scent; in my Asian cooking for an added punch of flavor

Melaleuca (Tea Tree)–in both my facial oil cleansing and skin healing roller blends for it’s anti-bacterial and cleansing properties; with white vinegar and warm water to clean my floors and counters

Neroli Touch–I use this oil to help with anxiety and stress as it’s very calming; I also use it as a natural perfume even when I’m feeling good because it smells fantastic!

OnGuard–a few drops in room temperature water to swish around in my mouth like a natural mouthwash; mixed with water for an anti-bacterial spray during cold season

OnGuard Toothpaste–this is what I use to brush my teeth and I love it!

Oregano–in my spaghetti sauce and anywhere I can use the oregano spice

Peace Touch–I use this as a natural perfume because it smells so amazing, but I also use it when I’m feeling anxious or overwhelmed

Peppermint–on my neck, temples, and behind my ears for headaches; in my diffuser when I have a migraine or feeling nauseous; a drop on my tongue for fresh breath; a couple drops in my water to help with digestion and to help curb sugar cravings

Peppermint Beadlets–I carry these around in my purse to take after a meal for help with digestion and fresh breath

Slim & Sassy–internally on the tongue or a few drops in water to help curb hunger and sugar cravings; topically massaged onto the body to help with cellulite

Wild Orange–in my delicious homemade cranberry sauce recipe for the holidays; in my diffuser; topically for a natural, cheery fragrance I can smell all day

Ylang Ylang–topically and in my diffuser to help with hormonal imbalance and anxiety