This pricing is subject to change at any time, and especially once I have completed the Nutritional Therapy Association’s accredited Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Program. Payment options may be available, so please contact me for information.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, and the information on this site is not intended to treat or diagnose any health issues. These are my observations and recommendations based on the information I am currently learning through the Nutritional Therapy Association’s NTP program, my own personal experience, and years of knowledge and research about health and wellness. Always consult with your primary care physician or naturopathic doctor when dealing with serious health matters.  

Health Consultations

Through nutritional recommendations we will discover what nutrition and wellness plan feels best for your body. We will use nourishing, whole foods and the incorporation of movement to help cultivate healthy habits, which will in turn allow you to sustain a healthy lifestyle in order to help you achieve your goals. The longer we work together the more you will understand how food and lifestyle choices impact YOUR own body.

30-Minute Consultation–FREE for all new clients!
Let’s chat about your health, your goals, concerns, and questions. If you decide you want to explore all things health and wellness with me, we can continue (if time allows) or schedule an initial consultation!

90-Minute Initial Consultation–$80 
During this initial consultation, we will review your current health status, nutrition, and exercise as well as extensive review of your past health issues. We’ll go over your health concerns and goals and from there we will work on creating a personalized plan that works for your body. Completion of a new patient intake form, a current list of medications and supplements you are taking as well as a recent 3-day food journal will be helpful in my assessment of your daily nutrition, digestion, and movement.

60-Minute Follow-Up Session–$55 each
In our follow-up sessions we’ll revisit your nutrition plan. We will go over your successes, setbacks, struggles, victories, and come up with a plan to move forward and make any changes necessary to help achieve your goals. Each session will allow you to build your own knowledge about nutrition, exercise, and overall wellness. This will help keep you motivated and inspired to develop and maintain healthy habits that will provide lasting lifestyle changes.

Consultation Bundles

New Beginnings 3-Month Bundle–$275 ($25 Savings)
If you are new to the world of nutrition and want to dip your toes in instead of diving headfirst, this is the consultation bundle for you. It includes a two-hour initial consultation, three monthly 60-minute follow-up sessions, custom nutrition and wellness plan that addresses your goals and needs, email/text support, and (if desired) weekly or monthly food journal checks via email/text to help keep you on track.

Go-Getter 3-Month Bundle–$380 ($30 Savings)
Want to do more than dip your toes in but you’re not quite ready to dive headfirst? Check out this bundle. It includes a two-hour initial consultation, six 60-minute bi-weekly follow-up sessions, custom nutrition and wellness plan that addresses your goals and needs, email/text support, and (if desired) weekly or monthly food journals via email/text to help keep you on track.

Immerse Yourself! 5-Month Bundle–$675 ($85 Savings)
Dive headfirst and immerse yourself in nutrition and wellness! This bundle includes a two-hour initial consultation, ten 60-minute bi-weekly follow-up sessions, custom nutrition and wellness plan that addresses your goals and needs, email/text support, a one-time pantry purge and grocery store trip*, and (if desired) weekly or monthly food journals via email/text to help keep you on track.

Extra Follow-Up Sessions Bundle–$300 ($60 Savings)
This bundle is designed for the person who has already had the initial consultation and/or purchased one of the other bundles and feels the need for more follow-up sessions to achieve his/her nutrition and wellness goals.  This includes six 60-minute follow-up sessions, which can be monthly, bi-weekly or weekly—whatever your wellness needs are. It also includes continuation of your custom nutrition and wellness plan that addresses your goals and needs, email/text support, and (if desired) weekly or monthly food journals via email/text to help keep you on track.

Healthy Habits

Pantry Purge–$55*
Learn what foods in your pantry, fridge, and freezer are unhealthy roadblocks to your health journey. Some “health” foods might actually be making you sick and preventing you from achieving your healthy lifestyle goals! In this one-hour session, I will come to your house and physically help you throw out the junky, crappy, food in your house. Out with the old and processed foods that are contributing to your health issues!
*This price is for clients local to the Fossil area. If you are interested in a virtual pantry purge or just want to learn what to get rid of, contact me directly and we’ll figure out a price. 

Grocery Store Trip–$80*
Now that your kitchen is rid of all the toxic, unhealthy foods and products let’s go shopping and fill your shelves with whole, nourishing foods! Learn where to shop in near your area, how to shop the grocery store, what to buy and why. This is an invaluable tool to creating and sustaining healthy habits for your lifestyle change.
*If you are local to the Fossil area or live in an area where a large grocery store is a bit of a drive, we can travel out of town for this adventure. Gas, meals, and grocery items are the client’s responsibility. 

Menu Planning & Meal Prep–$100
Learn how menu planning and meal prep can help you accomplish your health and wellness goals. Get tips and tricks on how to plan a week’s menu for you and/or your family and the meal prep you can do to make the whole process easy. I will come to your kitchen* for two hours and show you what to do and even help you prep!
*My offer to come to your kitchen for this session price is only valid for clients within 50 miles of Fossil. Clients further away will need to contact me directly for a price. 

Healthy Habits Bundles

Pantry Purge & Grocery Store Trip–$130 ($5 Savings)
Want to get rid of the junk, learn how to grocery shop , and save a little money? This can be spread out over two days or we can do it all in one fell swoop! See the individual descriptions above for more details.

Pantry Purge, Menu Planning/Meal Prep, and Grocery Store Trip–$225 ($10 Savings)
Get all the healthy habits knowledge with this bundle! Purge that pantry, come up with a menu for the week, learn how to shop at the grocery store and then meal prep for a week of deliciously healthy meals! This can be spread out over two days (I recommend back-to-back) or we can spend the whole day geeking out on nutrition and wellness with this awesome package deal!

Be Well

60-Minute Intro to doTerra Essential Oils–$45, includes Introductory Kit & Essential Oil Usage Guide
Interested in delving in to the world of essential oils? Learn why doTerra is the best company with the highest quality of CPTG (certified pure therapeutic grade) essential oils. Receive a doTerra Introductory Kit that contains a 5ml bottle each of Peppermint, Lavender, and Lemon essential oils. You’ll also receive a FREE Essential Oil Usage Guide which gives an A-Z list of all the ways you can use various doTerra oils. We’ll go over how you can utilize essential oils for health and wellness, aromatherapy, cleaning and natural home products, and even for cooking! Peruse the doTerra catalog for more great items. You can even become a doTerra Wellness Consultant if you want, which gives you a 25% discount on all oil prices! Once you learn the natural healing powers and unlimited uses for essential oils, you won’t look back!